Studies prove, when employees are highly satisfied so are customers. Customer satisfaction and loyalty is a greater indicator of profitability than market penetration. See Facts

We work with Human Resource Managers, Employers and Sales Managers offering them a wide selection of services to help them achieve their corporate objectives.

We can help assess your needs, match reward products to your corporate culture, manage your programs & administer efficient reward fulfillment. Reporting and tracking systems will keep you informed of your program’s status and return on investment.

Here are some of the Services and Training Sessions we offer:


Program Development - Our team of industry professionals will work closely with you to bring your Strategic Rewards Programs to life.

Corporate Culture Assessments – Organizational Diagnostic tools designed by Organizational Behavioral Specialists to assess your corporate or sales culture & identify where performance needs to be strengthened. See Dr. Mark Giltro Profile

Administrative Software - Easy to use online software adapted to manage and report on your Strategic Rewards Program. From managing reward eligibility, selection & redemption to tracking points, milestone dates, goals, achievements & more.

"The Act of Recognition" - Training for your managers to provide them with skills to deliver reward presentations that maximize effectiveness, appreciation and loyalty. See Bob Vaughan Profile

"Brian Tracy" Seminars - Performance, Sales, Customer Service & Management Training.

Employee Profiling - Assessment tools for career management, coaching, selection and succession. Empower employees by guiding them in their career path.

(Please see our Products link to review some of the Reward Product Options)